Second Dishes

Veal chop flavored, on request, with porcini mushrooms

Sliced ​​Veal
Sliced ​​veal with rocket and parmesan cheese or porcini mushrooms

Mixed grill of pork
Sausage, "costarecce" and grilled steak

Grilled sausage
Grilled pork sausage

Lamb chops
Grilled lamb chops

Grigliata dello scoiattolo
Mixed grill of pork, veal, chicken and lamb

Saltimbocca alla romana
Slices of pork with Parma ham and sage

Escalope with porcini mushrooms
Escalope of pork with lemon and porcini mushrooms

Sorrento Escalope
Escalope with ham and mozzarella

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